About us

Inovare Designs represents the passion of cool gadgets, innovation and smart living.

Inovare Designs was founded in 2019. He is an engineer with a passion for technology, innovation and gadgets. He had many businesses before and he survived ups and downs in his life.

His dream is to be able to help orphan kids using technology so they can grow to develop their full potential. Although, this seems impossible for him right now, he kept working and opening many businesses. He went from software, to education, to internet marketing. He was trying to mingle his passions, but nothing seemed to take off the way he wanted to.

After a lot thinking and a lot of disappointment, he decided to focus on his teenage passion: cool innovative gadgets, that was way before smart phones gathered all functionalities in just one single object. The founder got some money he had saved and brought the car seat organizer to the market.

By focusing on quality products that are useful, offering it at a great price, creating a great gift and great experience, he thought it could not go wrong.

At first, Inovare Designs had designs flaws and quality issues. Then he faced lack of capital, returns, unfair reviews, competitors copying Inovare. His dream wasn't clear anymore. The founder says times can be hard for anyone, but he also knows that he needs to keep focused helping others.

The founder and his team took quality and design as a priority to help the brand grow. "Everything now is tested and inspected. Our crowd are the people looking for quality, useful and innovative products - we offer this unique experience, a brand that got their back and represent their values."

Inovare Designs is now planning to keep growing and being a loyal server to the clients that believe in its dream.