How to choose a FingerPrint Padlock

best fingerprint padlock

The technology is becoming more advanced these days. We have better alternatives in our lives. All thanks to technology! Gone are the days when we have those simple locks to lock our homes. Anybody can break the locks and rob the house. Whenever you go out, there is always that thing in your mind; is the house safe? And because of this, you can't travel with a relaxed mind anywhere.

Don't worry! we have the best alternative option for you. With fingerprint padlock, travel anywhere you want. Now go anywhere with a relaxed mind. You don't have to over think much about safety and other stuff.

Fingerprint padlock is the best lock as it ensures the complete safety of your house. The best part? It only asks for your fingerprint. There is no security number or pattern that you have to remember. It is just a simple lock with a high-security feature.

Advantages of having a fingerprint padlock

There are so many benefits offered by a padlock. Let's have a look at some of its advantages of having a padlock

Simple and easy to use

This advanced and good looking lock is simple and easy to use. It doesn't need keys to lock and no use of Bluetooth. Additionally, no app is required to operate it. It only asks for your fingerprint that instantly records and delete. Most importantly, the lock comes without keys. No tension of losing the keys. 

Charge with the USB cable 

The world has become digital now. This fingerprint padlock works with a battery. It needs to be charged whenever the battery is down. The lifespan of the lock is one year and consumes less power. It gets charged quickly. 

Lightweight and portable

The fingerprint padlock is light in weight and portable. It can be used outdoor as well as indoor. You can use them for home, office, schools, buildings, shops, suitcase, luggage, handbag, and hospitals or wherever you want. 


A unique lock

Unlike other locks, this lock is exceptionally different. It uses fingerprint ID to unlock the device. The lock is made of zinc alloy and exhibits some chemical properties like anti-dust and anti-erosion. Moreover, it is made of thick steel. Another feature that makes it great is waterproof quality. The device gets unlocked in 0.5 seconds. And it can bear up to 10 fingerprints at once. The lock comes with a beautiful cover. Thinking of gifting it to someone? Yes, you can use this for gifting purposes too. 


Are you still using old locks that open with special keys? If yes, that’s not an issue. The digitalized world is offering more options to explore and find something suitable that meets our needs and making our lives easier than ever. Inovare Designs offer cool gadgets that we think are of little use but help a great deal in sorting out little things.

We make sure that our products are of high quality and in case they don't please you can return us. What matters to us is your happiness that we give by delivering the right products you want.