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Why bicycle front frame bag should be on your shopping list?

They say cycling is good for health. Yes, it is. There is no denial. But we are not here to talk about cycling benefits. Most people love riding bicycles and there could be many reasons associated with it. We are living in the 21st century where technology plays a crucial role in our lives. With that being said, we mean to say the importance of mobile phones in our day to day lives. It is the most precious asset which is owned by every human being. In general, no human being can ever imagine a day, now a second without it.

It gets difficult for cycle riders to keep their cell phones in front of their eyes. They can't keep the track of phone calls or other important activities while cycling. Don't worry. We have a one-stop solution to your problem that is ‘bike phone front frame bag’ by inovare designs. The bag is to be attached to the top tube which further makes it easy for you to use.

Let’s have a look at some of its benefits which will make your riding fun and joyous.

Benefits of having front frame phone bag

Go anywhere using Google maps

Typically, in two-wheeler vehicles, there is no space to keep your cell phones which makes it difficult to operate. You can’t navigate and drive simultaneously. Cycling has become easy with a front frame bag where you can keep your phone. Now you can go anywhere using Google maps. The holder is perfect for devices below 6.5 inches like iPhone and Samsung.

Track your phone activities

While cycling, you can’t track your phone activities. You sometimes miss urgent calls or notifications and later curse yourself for not picking on time. All you need is a front frame bag. Having a front frame bag makes it easier for you to track important e-mails and notifications. Moreover, you can also enjoy music. The earphone hole lets you answer your phone calls and listen to music. So enjoy your hassle-free ride.


Bike phone front frame bag has enough space to store small materials. Going on a long journey? Make this journey smooth and fun. The bag can store your essentials such as cell phone, charger, power bank, USB cable, bicycle repair tools and small tire pump. It is made of waterproof polyester material and has dual zippers to protect your essentials from heavy rainfall, sweat and moist.

Extra accessories and affordable

This special inovare designs bike phone bag comes with 3 additional tools. Yes, you heard it right. Those 3 tools are rain cover, tool kit and a beautiful box. Also, it is quite inexpensive. It only cost $19.

Great features

Bike phone front bag has got some features like a sun visor and reflective tape. Sun visor on the top gives the clear screen vision which is good on sunny days on the other hand reflective tape gives you visibility during the night rides. 

Christmas is around the corner and this is the time to distribute gifts to your loved ones. Give this incredible bike phone front bag to someone who rides a bicycle and make his riding amazingly fun!