The Best Car Seat Gap Organizers from Inovare Designs

If you’re looking for the best car accessories in 2021, one of your best options is Inovare Designs. Inovare Designs focuses on bringing smart gadgets for smart people, and they are now offering free shipping for customers across the United States

Inovare Designs is home to cool gadgets, and anywhere their products are, they attract an audience willing to shell out money for something that’s really worth it. 

Today, the company offers car accessories you can easily incorporate in the overall setup of your vehicle, such as car sunshade windshield, car trash bags for men and women, cup holder, car seat gap organizer, seat headrest PU leather cushion, and more. 

This post gives a rundown of Inovare’s car seat gap organizers and the special features they come with, hoping you’ll find your best car seat filler/organizer here. 

Best Car Seat Gap Organizers from Inovare Designs

Inovare Designs premium vehicle seat gap fillers include: 

  • Red Leather Seat Gap Filler ( 2-Pack and 1-Pack)
  • Black Leather Side Seat Gap Filler
  • Carbon Fiber Look Seat Gap Filler
  • Car Cup Holder Expander Organizer

Red Leather Seat Gap Filler (2-Pack and 1-Pack Passenger)

Key Features: 

  • Multifunctional Storage & Organizer Between Front Seats
  • Red Hue for Classy Look
  • Extra Cup, Sunglass, Phone, Key & Coin Holder
  • Nylon Thread Stitching
  • Stainless Steel Pins
  • USB Model

First off, we have the red leather model that comes with 2-pack and 1-pack options. The filler comes with a bright red hue that easily blends with most interiors, and a cup holder for small mugs and cans. 

These car seat fillers may be a bit pricey, but from inside the box, you will get bonus accessories such as hooks. Use the hooks for hanging things like bags and purses behind your headrest. 

The Velcro hooks are primarily there for the purpose of keeping the filler in place, but many users say these added accessories are actually unnecessary. They say the organizer slips right into place and it stays put completely locked. 

This seat gap filler has passed quality and endurance tests and inspections, and uses high-quality PU leather with leather mats fashioned by expert artisans. 

Make sure however, to check carefully for the size fit because there are car models that don’t match. That’s what most potential buyers ask about when looking for seat gap fillers and many end up frustrated because they didn’t check carefully before purchasing. 

Nevertheless, the superb customer service of the company accommodates questions regarding size fit via their Amazon pages or directly through their contact-us webpage. 

car seat gap organizer with cup holder

Note: According to Inovare, there are two requirements for optimal fit on all the fillers listed here: 

  • Center console is positioned higher than the level of the seats
  • There should not be a hand break located next to the seat (if there’s a hand break there, only one filler should be used on the passenger side

Black Leather Side Seat Gap Filler

Key Features:

  • Between Front Seats Organizer and Storage
  • Extra Cup, Sunglass, Phone, Key & Coin Holder
  • Red Stitching Running along the Edges
  • Water Resistant

Coming with 2 cup holders and upgraded water-resistant construction, this in-between seats space gap filler is your perfect gadget for preventing things from falling through the gap and onto the floor. This is also a tool for adding extra storage right beside you and for supporting safe and focused driving.

The filler fits most car models, and if it does fit into the seat gap in your car, you are assured of a perfect fit and zero movement. In addition, it will not take any space on the seat side, and the passenger’s sitting comfort is not compromised. 

The perfect-fit construction also supports convenient passenger movement or seat adjustment. If you need to move the seat forward or backward, you can do it seamlessly as the filler will not get in the way of you trying to achieve the most comfortable and relaxed body position. 

Installation should be a breeze as well. All you have to do is wedge it between the seats, and it will fit nicely and blend well with the rest of the car’s interior. 

With the extra storage provided, the filler is the best way to keep a car’s interior space clean and tidy. Small compartments in this gadget provides secure spaces for charging cable, phones, lip balm and what-have-you, keeping everything organized and within convenient reach. 

Another great thought incorporated in the design is the hole at the bottom of the filler. That is where the cable passes through when a passenger needs to recharge his phone. Such a smart idea for cable management within the vehicle!

As with the red unit above, the usual question asked is: Will it fit my car? Check the level of your car’s center console. If it is lower than the front seats, this gap filler model will not fit into the gap. 

You need to check other options and Inovare has these other options for such a case: Check this or this. In case you have further questions, the support team is always ready to assist. 

Carbon Fiber Look Seat Gap Filler

Key Features:

  • Storage and Organizer 
  • Water Resistant
  • Velcro Strips to Keep the Organizer in Place
  • Includes 2 Hooks and a Coin Bag

Next in the list is the carbon-fiber-look version from the company. Since it comes with a carbon fiber finish look, the filler gives the impression of durability, stiffness, strength, and strong resistance to corrosion. It is also designed to be used on many car models for convenience. 

The filler also comes with a practical design that makes sure it covers not much space in the vehicle. Being made from the finest grade of leather materials, you can be assured of the best stability and a firm grip. 

The design for storing things is well-thought of. First, there is a separate black coin purse for coins and pins. With this purse, you will not have to fumble again for coins in your pocket or wallet when buying small things on the go. 

There’s also the hole for phone charging and a nice delineated section where most phones of any size can be placed for charging. If not phone charging, you can use that section for your parking tickets and cards. 

The filler also functions as a can holder. However, no big cans or mugs here, and for most of Inovare’s seat gap filler offerings! The space provided does not accommodate big sizes including V-cups. No bottled drinks either. 

The package comes with a set of two fillers – each for the driver side and the passenger side. For any issues you have with the product delivered to you, just reach out to the manufacturer and they will issue a full refund or a replacement – no questions asked. 

Inovare Design Car Cup Holder Expander Organizer

  • Back Seat Storage for Mugs and Bottles
  • Pocket Glove Phone Mount Organizer
  • Water Resistant 
  • Velcro  Strips
  • Cleaning Gel

This particular version also comes with a perfect fit, but one notable thing about this version is the inclusion of cleaning gel. This is a super great inclusion as it signifies the support of the company to the wellbeing of the customer’s car. 

With the cleaning gel to clean your car’s interior, you can easily get into the nooks and crevices to pick up dust, hair, debris, crumbs, and so on. Thus, this car seat gap filler will give an easy time cleaning. 

This gap filler is also water-resistant, so, even without the cleaning gel that it comes with, it is still easy to clean with only water and a piece of clean cloth. 

Installation will not be hard either. You can install it in the shortest time possible since there are no tools required to use for installation. Just insert it between the console and the seat. 

The fillers come with Velcro strips to make sure they don’t fall or slide, thus making sure that the objects they carry are stuck in one secure spot all the time you are driving. This organizer is going to save you countless time to keep essential things up and running anywhere and anytime. 

With this gap organizer providing your car extra storage, everything is at your fingertips for easy access. The fillers will not rob you of seat space and fit snugly in the provided compartment without moving.


Different car seat gap fillers from Inovare Designs (and from other manufacturers for that matter) come with different sets of features, and depending on your preferences, you may choose one option over another. However, like other car owners, your foremost consideration is whether the filler fits your car or not. 

In case of doubt, get the exact measurements and consult with the representative from the company. That way, you will not be bothered with refund or replacement issues. Inovare Designs values honesty in transacting business and places customer interest and welfare over their own interest.

The company continuously upgrades their existing gap filler offerings, so make sure you keep tabs of that. Also, check out their other accessories for more convenient driving experience and impressive functionality and aesthetics inside your car.